Books by Craig Hansen

For Older Readers
Spoiled Rotten (Collects Books 1, 2, and 3) (2016)
Ripe (Spoiled Rotten Book 3) (2015)
The Woodsman (2014)
Rotten (Spoiled Rotten Book 2) (2014)
Spoiled (Spoiled Rotten Book 1) (2014)
Nice Girl Like You (2014)
The Devohrah Initiative (2013)
Under Contract (2012)

For Young Adults
Lies We All Believe (A Lies Thriller Book 3) (Coming 2019)
Lies I Tell Myself (A Lies Thriller Book 2) (Coming 2019)
Lies My Parents Told Me (A Lies Thriller Book 1) (2018)
Shada (2011)
 Most Likely (2011)

Fireweed Trail (KindleWorld novella) (2015) (Out-of-print as of July 2018)



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