Lies My Parents Told Me


A murder suspect…before I even graduated high school

My name is Shabbat Abbott, and I remember the first lie my parents ever told me back when I was a little kindergarten girl. I’ve always been like a magnet for trouble; so when my mother sends me, one summer, on an “intensive therapy-hike” program for troubled teens, it doesn’t come as a huge surprise. “You’ll have fun, see a lot of nature, maybe even make a few friends along the way.”

The hike, called the Fireweed Trail Program, involved walking nearly four hundred miles along the western coast of Oregon over the course of a month. Fun? Only to those who might compare the Bataan Death March, where my Grandpa Abbott perished, to a day at the beach. Lots of nature? Given.

But … friends? When the girl who seems the best candidate for friendship quickly disappears and is presumed dead, and I find myself pegged as the top suspect in the investigation, I quickly go from hiking out my problems and my rage against these and other lies my parents told me, to running…for my life!

LIES MY PARENTS TOLD ME is Book 1 in the new Lies Thrillers trilogy by THE WOODSMAN author, Craig Hansen. Look for Book 2, LIES I TELL MYSELF in early 2019 and the concluding volume, book 3, LIES WE ALL BELIEVE, later in 2019! Note: an earlier version of this book was previously published under the title Fireweed Trail.

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