If you could speak to the dead, anyone at all, who would it be?

When Jeni asked this question, Shada Emery figured it was a joke. So both she and Willow joined in the fun, naming their favorite dead celebrities.

And then there was Ember Cole.

Ember wants one more talk with her Grandpa Normie, whose death a year ago began a year of tragedy. So when Jeni suggests a camping trip into the dense woods of northwestern Wisconsin to hold a seance, Shada and Willow put off their misgivings and agree for the sake of their friend.

Ember hopes to find the answers she seeks among the dead. But sometimes the dead have their own agenda.

Shada is Book 1 of the Ember Cole series. A young adult paranormal suspense novella, it runs about 32,500 words in length.

Early Praise for Shada:

“This is a great book … I enjoyed Shada very much. It’s got that spine tingling fun while drawing you into the characters and their lives.” —Victorine E. Lieske, NYT bestselling author of Not What She Seems


Shada drew me in, left me wanting more, and made me a little afraid to go outside after dark.” —T.L. Haddix, author of the Secrets/Leroy series of romantic suspense novels


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