The Woodsman


Sometimes, you have to pay for your good deeds.

Steve Peretti is a prolific serial killer known as The Woodsman. For years, he’s terrorized dozens of victims throughout the Upper Midwest, without drawing attention or suspicion to himself, keeping a low profile. He’s cautious, careful, and calculated … most of the time.

But anyone can make a mistake.

One night, on the way home through Hope, Wisconsin, he stops for gas and ends up foiling a robbery. He gets injured in the process, and ends up in jail over a conceal-carry violation. While in lock-up, he taunts and is attacked by another prisoner, who blinds him.

Then he’s given a chance to have his vision restored through an experimental, advanced eye-surgery program at UW-Madison, called EyeCU. His surgery is successful, and he returns from EyeCU ready to rebuild his life with his new eyes. And that means returning to being The Woodsman.

But he begins having strange visions; vivid dreams about acts of kindness and mercy that seem foreign and terrifying to him. Worse, he finds it difficult to carry out his normal acts of evil, leaving him increasingly helpless at a time when he’s at his most vulnerable.

Evil can corrupt good, but is the reverse true? Can good disrupt the persistence of evil? If you’ve ever enjoyed movies like Eyes of Laura Mars, The Eye, or Blink, then The Woodsman is a tale that will defy your expectations, yet leaves you entertained and more than a little unsettled.

The Woodsman is a horror/suspense novel consisting of nearly 88,000 words, and runs 360 pages in length.


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